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Medical Issues

Anesthesia - Dermatology

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Anesthesia claims usually involve partial or complete loss of sensation. Injuries or death from anesthesia errors are separated into six types of anesthesia as follows:

  • Local Anesthesia deals with the administration of anesthesia into the skin or local nerves which result in permanent injury to nerve.

  • Regional Anesthesia deals with the blockage of nerves and can cause permanent injury to the nerves.

  • Spinal Anesthesia involves the injection of the anesthetic agent directly into the subarachnoid space of the spinal cord and can cause conditions such as paralysis.

  • Epidural Anesthesia involves the injection of an anesthetic agent like novocaine or lidocaine into the epidural space near the spinal cord region and nerve roots, and can cause bleeding and paralysis. This anesthetic is frequently used in labor and delivery.

  • General Anesthesia is administered in a variety of ways to obtain a total lack of consciousness and paralysis. Not only can death result but also permanent vegetative states can result usually from a lack of proper monitoring. The anesthesiologist is responsible for the welfare and life of the patient during the surgery and immediately thereafter.

  • Dental Anesthesia is usually of the local anesthetic variety and can result in tongue and lip numbness or paralysis.


This is probably the most difficult area in which to prove medical malpractice. Our case experience ranges from oral cancer to colorectal cancer. The cases have involved rare brain lesions such as astrocytomas to uterine or endometrial cancer. We have handled cases involving breast, lung, stomach, colon, ovarian, hodgkins, lymphatic, skin, and thyroid cancers. The law requires the patient to prove not only a negligent failure to diagnose the cancer but also that the failure to diagnose the cancer either caused the patient's death or significantly reduced the patient's chance of survival from the cancer.


This specialty of medicine relates to the heart. Most people (85%) survive heart attacks. However, our experience is that far too many people with clinical signs and symptoms indicating a serious cardiac condition are turned away from the emergency room or from the urgent care office, or family doctor's office in the United States just to go home and die needlessly. We have had many cases in which the patient should have been kept in the hospital, administered proper tests and given acceptable and recognized drugs, thereby avoiding an untimely death. The drugs available today are miracle drugs compared to ten years ago. It is simply negligent to send these people home without an admission to the hospital, or without thorough heart testing and a complete evaluation. For example, patients with angina (chest pain), elevated cardiac enzymes, irregular heartbeat, hypertension, or family history of heart disease, etc. should not go home without a full and thorough workup to rule out life threatening ailments.

Cardiology (Invasive)

A relatively new area commonly used by some cardiologists (and radiologists) is invading the blood vessels for various reasons, such as to remove clots or to open up clogged arteries. This has caused great concern and led to numerous medical malpractice cases such as perforating the vessel and causing intense bleeding which leads to death or disability. Failure to recognize these mistakes and take aggressive steps to save the patient has led to substantial verdicts against these practitioners.


Our cases have ranged from numb lips following extraction of third molars (wisdom teeth) to death from dental anesthesia. They have ranged from numb tongues due to trauma to the lingual nerve to complete loss of mandible or jawbone. The latter resulted from an infection following dental implants leading to osteomyelitis of the mandible. Another tragic result occurred when a brain abscess developed from a simple but untreated tooth abscess causing brain injury and neurologic deficits.


This would not seem a likely area of medicine that would lead to actionable malpractice; however, we have handled numerous dermatologic medical malpractice cases. One area is the failure to differentiate a simple benign skin lesion from a melanoma, which is an aggressive malignant lesion that can have tragic consequences and death. We have represented clients who have had dermatologic procedures known as dermal abrasion that transverse the upper layers of skin and caused permanent scarring. Most recently we have seen cases of the misuse of laser treatments causing permanent scarring.


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